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Global Initiative

Intimate partner violence is dangerously prevalent throughout the world, and the cost to global economies is devastating. Some studies estimate that 10-69% of all women have been abused by a partner at some point in their lives. Shockingly, the World Health Organization reports that 40-70% of all murdered women are killed by an intimate partner. With these horrifying statistics, the economic costs to global economies are shamefully staggering. The Center for Disease Control reports costs of $8.3 billion in the United States as a result of domestic violence, and other economies report losses as high as 3% of their gross domestic product. Current endeavors designed to help survivors lead abuse-free lives have not been studied for their effectiveness, and the Commission on the Status of Women states: “existing efforts are not adequately monitored and evaluated.” Violence against women is a human rights concern and demands a public health response, and it is necessary to create an initiative that will study interventions on a global basis.

The Business of Me has an innovative program that enables survivors to create self-sufficient lives, and we are now seeking to build researched evidence of its efficacy through participant-based analysis. We have anecdotal evidence which demonstrates that our program is successful; and now we are seeking statistically proven results.

Our program features several modern tools to combat domestic violence, including our groundbreaking SocEd platform, which harnesses the power social media and education to serve as the hub of communication to our participants, and provides a discussion forum and other Web-based features.
Every victim of domestic violence is entitled to an intervention that is proven to be effective, which is why we are offering this program to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) completely free of cost. If you would like to participate in The Business of Me’s research study, you can join for free by clicking here you can download the Letter of Interest.

Women around the world are suffering at the hands of abusive partners. If you or your organization would like to contribute to our global effort to save their lives, please click here to make a Donation.

Here are the organizations who have agreed to participate in the Global Initiative:
VIPMujeres –Violence Intervention Program-New York, NY
Advocates for Youth –Lagos, Nigeria
Foundation for Integrated Rural Development – Uganda
Niger Delta Women – Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria
Gender Empowerment and Development – Cameroon
Indira Ghandi Integral Education Center – Brajrajnagar, Dist. Jharsuguda, State. Odisha, India
Real Opportunities Network – Greater Accra, Ghana
National Indigenous Women Federation (NIWF) – Nepal
Safe Homes Orange County NY

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