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The Business of Me

The Business of Me is a social change organization dedicated to helping domestic violence survivors regain control of their lives. Through our groundbreaking program, participants will recover from the social effects of domestic violence abuse by learning the life skills needed to become self-sufficient and to achieve financial independence.

Our program has proven successful for both individuals and corporations alike. Corporations that have chosen to embrace TBOM’s program experience increased productivity, decreased medical costs, and an overall return on investment within the workplace.

The Business of Me’s Webinar based Employee Assistance Program works with victims and survivors in organizations to help them create self-sufficient lives free from physical, emotional and economic abuse while empowering them to become more thoughtful and productive in their personal and professional lives – it not only improves their lives but will help improve the bottom line of every organization that utilizes it.

The Latest From the TBOM Blog

Domestic Violence Awareness – Facebook can be a Dangerous Place for Domestic Violence Victims

By Nancy Salamone Author “Victory Over Violence” now on Yesterday The Daily Beast posted an article titled “How Facebook Exposes Domestic Violence Survivors”. The piece authored by Samantha Allen in part tells the story of Lily a domestic violence survivor who had not seen or heard from her abuser for 20 years. It seems Lily Facebook account was suspended last December as she used a pseudonym and Facebook requires the use of an “authentic name”.  Lily opened a Facebook account using her “authentic name” and received a message by the man who she says beat her, broke her ribs, and […]